Winter Energy Savings With Your Ceiling Fan

Saving Energy in the Winter Using Your Ceiling Fan..

Even in San Diego

Summer has long gone here in San Diego, and you’re probably not giving much thought to using your ceiling fan. Did you know that you can actually save up to 10% on your heating bill by running your fan in REVERSE.

Running Your Ceiling Fan in The Summer

During the summer, when running your ceiling fan in its “normal” mode, the fan is pushing the air down. Because of the wind chill effect, the air moving across your body makes you feel cooler. In the winter months, the warm air from your heating system moves naturally up and closer to the ceiling, while the cooler air sinks to the lower level.


Reversing Your Ceiling Fan

By reversing the direction of blade rotation, the fan will force the warm air at the ceiling level down to the living space where it can be enjoyed, while drawing the cooler air up to the ceiling. Most fans have a small switch located on the body of the fan that will reverse the rotation of the blades.

Slow it Down

I should also add that you should run your fan at the lowest speed. This will circulate the air while minimizing the feeling of actual air movement in the room. This little trick works great in your standard size room, but it has an even more dramatic effect in a room with a vaulted ceiling because of the volume of warm air collected at the ceiling.

 Big benefits when used with a vaulted ceiling.

Big benefits when used with a vaulted ceiling.

Checking The Rotation of Your Ceiling Fan

If you’re not sure what direction your ceiling fan is currently rotating, air movement up or down, just stand under it while it’s on. If the air is moving at you, you’re in summer mode. If you don’t feel any direct air, you’re in winter mode and saving money. Just remember to wait until the fan has stopped rotating before you change direction.