Roof Damage From Solar System Install

Solar Systems Are Getting

Very Popular In San Diego

Many homeowners in San Diego are installing solar systems on their homes in response to their constantly rising utility bills. It's a long term investment, but many people are very happy with the results. Many of the homes that I inspect in San Diego have solar systems installed. I do a limited inspection of the solar system, and always recommend that my client meet with a solar specialist to test the output of the system and explain the necessary maintenance and functions of the solar system.

 The solar disconnect and inverter are typically located near the service panel.

The solar disconnect and inverter are typically located near the service panel.

Solar Installers Are Sometimes

Not Very Cautious

But often times the installers are not as careful on the roof as you would like, and they will damage and break roof tiles. About half of the homes that I inspect with solar have an excessive amount of damage to the roof tiles. Cracked and/or broken concrete roof tiles should be replaced to help prevent damage from moisture intrusion to the home materials, the roof structure and to prevent development of microbial growth such as mold.

Poor Quality Roof Tile Repairs

Many times when they attempt repairs to the broken tiles, these "repairs" are substandard. It's rare that the homeowner will ever go on the roof to check their work, so some solar installers don't take the pride in their work that they should. It's not unusual for the building inspector, because of safety concerns, to not go on the roof either to confirm that any broken tiles have been replaced or repaired.

Get A Roof Inspection Upon

Completion of Your Solar Installation

Protect yourself and your property by having your roof inspected by an independent third-party after your solar installation, and before your final payment to the contractor. Any reputable contractor should be agreeable to this.


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